Key Advantages Of Buying Medicines Online

Jun 15, 2021

Online Pharmacy has wider benefits over conventional pharmacies in terms of the product price and delivery, round-the-clock access convenience, availability of the medicines, and many more. The best part is that the online pharmacy has opened ways for easy medicine order and delivery to remote areas that have limited mobility.

But, beware of the rogue websites that are highly trending on the internet these days.

Everything has its own pros and cons, so does the online medicinal store/service. How? Well, we will find that out below.

Ocean of Benefits in Online Pharmacy

A majority of consumers find buying prescription medicines from online medical stores more beneficial than a local pharmacy.

That includes:

● higher availability of more or less any medicine for the home quarantined people, or for people who don't have any nearby medical store to go to

● ease of comparing the price and quality of the required medicine among a number of online pharmacy sites

● greater convenience and easy access to an array of medicinal products any time throughout the clock

● availability of thorough product details and specifications alongside other reference sources to check for the same medicine, which isn't typically possible in offline storefront pharmacies

● Ability to talk to the customer support authority regarding the authenticity of any medicine, sitting at the comfort of your home

The best part is that you get everything available at your fingertips when it is online.

But, how would you know whether your chosen website is a legal one or not? This is where ZAMRA's significant role creeps in. We will find it in detail below.

Tips While Buying Medicines Online

Every country has its own FDA (Food and Drug Administration) equivalent agency that sets standards for people to determine the authenticity of any product and the sites it is available on. 

So, here are some in-general, Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) tips to identify the genuineness of an online pharmacy before purchase:

● Check if the website is asking for a prescription. Also, make sure that the site has a dedicated communication portal for the buyers to talk to a pharmacist whenever needed

● Purchase your medicines only from those pharmacy sites licensed by the government of that particular state or country

● Never share your bank account credentials unless you are quite sure about the site's data security service

Lastly, check out the site's policies, in the end, to stay rest assured about its service clarity, efficiency, and accountability.

Signs of Fraudulent Online Pharmacies

On the internet, you can find a never-ending list of suggestions to identify a fake website. But, the following are some of the most effective ones:

● The site won't require a medical prescription to order medicines

● There won't be a licensed pharmacist to serve your online queries

● Medicines will be available at unusually cheaper  prices, grabbing more buyers' attention

● Will send unsolicited emails or spam messages on your shared phone number, alluring you with huge discounts on orders

The medicines sold through online forgery pharmacies don't get proper attention to quality or storage facilities. For example, they are stored in godowns under unfavorable temperatures, or, sometimes expired medicines are sold at lower prices to clear seasonal sales.

Bottom line: Boon or Bane?

The sales regulation of online pharmaceutical stores is still fairly new. However, the Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) has taken efficient measures against illegal health product sites.

So, of course, it can be concluded that online pharmacy is a boon to many consumers, especially in this pandemic period.

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