6 Benefits of Online Pharmacy over Conventional Pharmacy

Jul 20, 2021


With the amount of digital transformation, the world is going through, almost everything is available through an eCommerce store. This includes doctor’s consultation over a video call and the availability of medicines through online delivery.

Like eCommerce stores, having medicines available through a few taps on your phone is revolutionary. Moreover, it is a boon for old age people who cannot step out to fetch medicines for themselves. In this article, we list out the benefits of an Online Pharmacy Store over a brick-and-mortar pharmacy store.

Reasons why you should give an online pharmacy a chance over a physical pharmacy store:

1. The convenience of shopping:

As we previously mentioned, online shopping is a boon for people who are aged, physically challenged, or busy people. They can place an order and receive the order according to their timeline. This offers a lot of convenience to people that fall under these categories.

2. Saves time:

A physical store remains open only until a specific time in the evening or at night. But you can visit an online store at any time during the day or night with a mobile app or website. This saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to wait until the store opens.

3. Pocket-friendly:

We all have witnessed at some point in time that online shopping saves a lot of money along with time. This applies to an online pharmacy store as well. So many online pharmacies offer so many discounts and deals compared to physical pharmacies. Moreover, if you enter their membership or monthly subscription, the discounts and benefits are even more.

4. No More Shy to Buy

Do you feel uncomfortable walking into a pharmacy to buy certain health products? HnG online pharmacy is designed to offer you a discreet and easy way to buy products to help with a wide variety of embarrassing health products like sanitary napkins, condoms, or tampons. pregnancy test kits, wart and lice medicines, and fungal infection medicines. HnG Online Pharmacy provides users to order products and consult pharmacists from the privacy of their homes.

5. A lot of choices:

A conventional pharmacy store may not have certain medicines in its stock at some point in time. But an online store generally makes sure that its stock is maintained. Hence, sometimes, some rare medicines can be found online at reasonable rates. On the other hand, the same medicines may turn out to be costly if you consult a physical pharmacy.

6. Well-Organized store:

In an online pharmacy, the medicines are well placed under various categories that they fall in. Hence, it becomes easy even for a layman to find out the medicine he is looking for.


HnG or Health and Glow Online pharmacy is the biggest pharmacy store that is based in Zambia. They always stock authentic products including medicines. HnG Online Pharmacy also provides iOS and Android app that you can install to buy medicine online.